We understand that for most people the thought of a “mobile veterinarian” for cats and dogs seems like a really neat idea, but does leave people wondering about a few things. In an effort to make our services as cohesive as possible, we here at Hometown have done our homework and are hoping to have already found answers to those commonly asked questions. Please take a minute to read through our “question & answer” section, and feel free to contact us if you still have any questions or concerns, as we would be happy to share our vision with you!

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Why should I choose a mobile vet?

Our services are designed to provide convenient, high quality, personalized veterinary care. By bringing the hospital to you, we hope to take some of the challenges out of pet ownership, and make life a little less stressful for you and your pets. Here are some examples where our mobile services may benefit you:

  • You struggle or are unable to get your frightened cat into the carrier: We can examine practically every pet right inside their home where they are most comfortable. If we need to utilize any of the equipment on the vehicle or perform more specialized procedures, we will be responsible for safely moving your pet into and out of the vehicle.
  • Your pet gets sick, or urinates and defecates in the carrier or in your vehicle, because they don’t travel well: No more messy carriers, soiled car seats, or urine soaked, stool covered pets….
  • You have to drag or carry your dog into the hospital because they are unwilling, or unable to go inside: We prefer to examine patients in their natural environment where they are most comfortable, giving us a more accurate interpretation of how your pet is feeling. We would rather you not have to move your pet if they are sick, uncomfortable or unable to get around well.
  • You have to take time off work to take care of your pet’s wellness needs, sometimes several times a year because you have multiple pets: We will work with you to coordinate each pet’s wellness visits so they can all have their checkups, vaccines and other wellness needs met at the same times each year. With the exception of unplanned illnesses, this will allow you to minimize time away from work.
  • You have small children and have trouble finding a sitter so you can bring your pets to the hospital and you would rather NOT have to bring the children with you: You and your children can wait at home for us to arrive, allowing you to carry on with your day as usual.
  • You are physically unable to get out of your home to take your pet to a hospital: We will bring everything your pet requires to stay healthy right to your doorstep.
  • You are simply too busy to schedule a trip to the hospital: Once we have met you and your pets, we can perform our medical duties while you carry on with your business in and around your home.
  • You and your pet get anxious and upset while waiting in the traditional veterinary hospital lobby for your appointment: No more loud, cramped waiting rooms, because you will be in the comfort of your home while you wait for us to arrive.
  • You are afraid to expose your pet to possible illnesses while at the hospital: We can provide all the care that the more susceptible, young unvaccinated and senior pets require.
  • You are worried that your sick pet might become “sicker” due to the stress of a trip to the hospital: While it may be necessary for your sick pet to be hospitalized, we can make the initial assessment and begin therapy prior to admitting them to a hospital for more intensive care.
  • You can’t get a ride to the hospital: Do not worry, we can bring everything that will be needed to provide routine care, as well as more advanced testing and therapy. In the event that your pet requires more intensive care in a hospital, we will be happy to provide transportation for them and assist you with any concerns during their stay.
How do I make an appointment?

We are available by appointment only, Mon-Thur. 9am-5pm and Fri 9-4pm, closed Sat & Sun. These hours may change based on client demand. To schedule an appointment please phone us at 518-796-0023. Do not be discouraged if you are asked to leave a message, it likely means we are visiting with another client and we will call you back as soon as possible. You may also send us an email requesting an appointment. If you are a new client please fill out our New client form prior to your appointment.

Will you come right to my house, what if I live in an apartment?

Our goal is to provide complete veterinary care either right INSIDE your home or residence, or as close to home as possible. In some cases we may need to move your pet into our mobile clinic to be closer to our equipment or perform a more delicate procedure. Depending on the nature of our visit and the status and personality of your pet, and your personal preference, we can make the decision where we will perform our work once we arrive at your residence. Our vehicle is 26ft long and 12ft wide, so we do require a reasonable parking space away from heavy traffic. We will discuss this when we arrange your appointment.

Do I need to be home for all your visits?

This will be approached on a case by case basis. If you happen to need a pet seen but can’t be home and we have met you and your pets and have a good relationship, we may be able to make our visit in your absence and contact you while we are with your pet to discuss our findings and recommendations. We kindly request that all NEW clients be present for our initial and possibly subsequent visits.

Can you do everything that a regular vet in a hospital can?

Our vehicle is fully equipped, in fact it’s like a small hospital “on wheels.” We have all the same capabilities as a regular hospital. We have a refrigerator for our vaccines and items that must be kept cold. We have a full pharmacy and stock a select supply of our preferred heartworm and flea & tick products. We have a complete laboratory, where we can analyze blood, urine, skin, fecal, or other specimens. We have state-of-the-art blood analyzing machines to run complete blood counts (CBC’s) and blood chemistries (organ system functions, electrolytes, blood sugar, etc). We can take digital x-rays and have anesthesia for surgical and dental procedures. See our services page for more details.

What happens if my pet is sick enough to be in a hospital? Do you have a place to house and monitor them?

We do not have a facility where we can provide 24hr monitoring and hospital care for your pet. We do have a few cages on our vehicle that can accommodate pets for a short time period, but will not be offering 24hr hospitalization. We will assess your pet’s condition and discuss therapy options with you. Many of our pets can stay in the home to recover from illnesses, as long as you are comfortable providing their nursing care. If we make a mutual decision that your pet would benefit from hospitalization and more intensive therapy, we can select from any of the emergency care centers (with 24hr observation) or local animal hospitals (without 24hr observation).

Where will you perform surgery, and what happens to my pet after the procedure?

Our vehicle has a surgical suite that is equipped with brand new, state-of-the-art surgical equipment, including general anesthesia, advanced monitoring and patient thermoregulation. Depending on the surgical procedure to be performed we may elect to proceed while parked right outside the home, or we may ask you to bring your pet to our hub office which offers a quiet, secure location for the procedure and recovery. Each patient will receive one-on-one attention throughout the entire procedure and recovery. We will discharge your pet to you once we feel they are fully awake and comfortable. If there are any concerns about your pet’s condition, or you are uncertain about caring for them, we will make arrangements for overnight monitoring at the local 24hr emergency clinic. We will perform routine surgical procedures for most patients, see our services page for more information, or please contact us to discuss your pets anesthetic/surgical needs.

What extra fees are there for you to come to my home? Are you more expensive than a traditional vet hospital?

The only true additional cost for our services is a “housecall” fee. This amount is primarily based on the distance we must travel to visit your home or residence and may fluctuate somewhat based on current fuel prices. There is only one house call charge per visit, regardless of the number of pets we will be seeing.

The other difference between us and the traditional hospital is the length of time we will spend with you and your pets. We believe that there is a certain value to the individual attention you will receive from Dr. Lisa, and as such, our examination fees may reflect this. The remainder of our goods and services are priced based on local averages. Please contact us for further pricing information.

How long will your visit usually take?

Depending on the nature of our visit, we anticipate spending anywhere from 15-30 minutes with each pet for wellness checkups and 30-60 minutes or longer for more involved visits such as illness visits, quality of life discussions, or euthanasia.

What happens if my pet is humanely euthanized or passes away at home?

We understand how hard is to lose a beloved pet and then be faced with the difficult and painful decision of how to honor them after death; maybe a home burial or perhaps you are considering cremation. In an effort to provide what we consider the finest “aftercare” services, we have joined The Infinity Pet Services family, a full service pet cremation facility dedicated to “honoring and celebrating your pet’s life and assisting you in having peace and closure.” If cremation is planned, we will provide transportation to our hub office where we will securely hold your pet until Infinity picks them up for transport to their facility. We realize how difficult it can be to entrust your cherished pet with “strangers,” but we promise you that the Infinity family will treat them as if they were their own! Please contact us to discuss this sensitive matter in more detail and for more information regarding Infinity Pet Services.

How far will you travel from your hub office in Queensbury?

To be able to provide consistent and reliable care for our patients we will limit our services to homes located within a radius of up to 20 miles from our hub in Queensbury. We will make exceptions under certain circumstances. Please contact us to discuss your needs.

I live outside of your listed service area, will you still come to my home?

This will depend somewhat on how far we must travel to reach your location, and the reason for our visit. We are very willing to offer assistance to a pet in need of medical care, so please contact us to discuss your situation and location and we will attempt to make the necessary arrangements.

What if I have an EMERGENCY?

Because we are NOT an emergency service and we attempt to pre-book all of our appointments, it may be impossible to provide emergency care “on demand.” If you do not reach us or we have not returned your message in a timely manner, either during the day or after hours, we recommend that you take your pet immediately to the nearest stationary hospital or emergency clinic. In these instances, time is often of the essence, and we may not be able to get you quickly enough. See our EMERGENCY page for further information.